Remote-based Software Engineer currently working at VTEX.



I'm Marcelo, a Software Engineer working remotely, currently at VTEX.


VTEX (2021 - present)

VTEX is the only multi-tenant commerce platform that unifies customer experiences across all channels into a comprehensive enterprise solution. Trusted by Sony, Motorola, Walmart, Whirlpool, Coca-Cola, Stanley Black & Decker, Nestlé, and over 3,000 online stores in 45 countries, the platform accelerates the commerce transformation of complex operations.

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Cubos (2019 - 2021)

Cubos is a software development consultancy company - a startup factory - offering DevOps, Outsourcing, MVP, and complex digital solutions. If you want to learn more, visit

While at Cubos, I was responsible for:

  • Playing a critical role in the development of VTEX's new Admin version, the main touchpoint with the merchants, where clients configure and manage everything related to their commerce operations - a key product for VTEX to penetrate the global market even further -, along with mentoring other engineers and playing a key role in strengthening Cubos' frontend testing culture, as a Software Engineer
  • Improving and maintaining several micro-services and frontend projects for Credcesta, a payroll loan platform, leading and managing a team of 6 to 12 people - from designers to QA's and developers -, giving support on production deploys and for being on the frontline of architectural, product, development, delivery and scaling decisions, as well as priority orchestration as a Tech Lead and Software Engineer.
  • Maintaining several micro-services for Credcesta (a Push notifications service, an Admin service, an Authentication service, an Audit service, and the User service consumed by all clients (Android, iOS, and Web), which handles 40k monthly users), its admin website and moving their pre-existent institutional, static website, for a dynamic, manageable website, using Django to insert a CMS, refactoring all the code base previously written with the Pug template engine and Gulp to the python framework, integrating with some AWS services (S3 and SecretsManager) and making a REST API available to fetch data about stores affiliated to Credcesta (the static website is Cubos' first Django product ever released), as a Software Engineer.
  • Building Fitdance's e-commerce and CMS, a UI library for Credcesta, coding Credcesta's credit platform redesign, documenting Credcesta's product (from the business logic and API functionalities to UI components) and writing hundreds of unit tests, complex pipelines and contributing to other projects such as BBNK (Whitelabel internet banking system), Amigo Edu (a student benefit application) and Cubos' institutional website, as a Software Engineer.
  • Eduardo Sampaio (2020)

    Eduardo needed to build a website for his political campaign as a city councilor, and he needed it to be done fast. He wanted an editable, high-performing website, with open communication channels with his visitors, as well as to receive live updates on who was volunteering for his campaign or who had subscribed to his newsletter. I built his website using Django, React, Typescript and PostgreSQL.

    It uses Memcached to cache the static content - served gzipped by Nginx - and has a REST API (Django Rest Framework) which binds React to Django's ORM and was deployed on Digital Ocean. It counts on Cloudinary as its CDN.

    I built CI/CD pipelines with Github Actions to ease the deployment process and stripped down the code to make a React-Django boilerplate available on Github.

    It was possible to capture several volunteers for his campaign, as well as keep hundreds of followers updated through his newsletter and increase the overall lead.

    It was a really fun project, Eduardo was really satisfied and I still am its maintainer.

    Binder (2020)

    Binder is a prototype of a project that ran for (and won) the 2020 Tomie Ohtake Leroy Merlin Institue Design Award, in São Paulo. Two open-source projects were brought to life from it, a UI library, and a whiteboard tool, the latter being a custom fork from the awesome Excalidraw project. Binder is about taking notes from classes. High schoolers from 9th to 11th grade are its targeted audience. The prototype's mocked functionalities let you create, customize and manage boards and binders. It relies on Gatsby to build the static content, and on Mobx to manage the global state. Binder was designed to run on top of browsers under tablets. You can visit the prototype here.


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